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car art

I've been drawing & painting portraits of cars since I was a kid in Indiana. If you'll send me the best photograph of your car I'll use it as my model for either doing a fine-line pen & ink drawing or a full color watercolor portrait. At that time I'll provide an exact quote and delivery date.

Email Jack at for price inquiries.

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pets & animals

Next to doing automotive art I love doing pen & ink drawings of pets. The cute little girl shown here is Graice, the 15 year old that owns me. I did this portrait using Pigma Micron ink pens with a warm grey wash.

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I also do portraits of people. Send me a picture of your favorite personality, wife, husband, girl friend, boy friend, ect. To the right is the world famous Carroll Shelby. Rest In Peace.

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Don't forget to visit my store

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some work samples

Below are some of my work samples.
Send me an email of any image at, or by clicking the email icon below, and I will turn it into art.

Marine & Yacht Art

Watercolor paintings of foot classic fantail motoryacht cruising the arctic.

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Aviation Art

One of my favorites, a red Redrock Sightseeing Waco bi-plane flying over Monument Valley.

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Photography & Outdoor

Painting of the Organ Mountains after a heavy rain, partial sun light and lush growth.

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"Love the pose of this kitty! Manx are such interesting cats. Wonderful work!"

"A beautiful sunrise sky over the picturesque Organ mountains!"

"Very nicely done Jack! I love how brightly the color stands out!"